Here’s How The PlayStation 4 Replacement Box From Sony Looks Like

PlayStation 4 saw the biggest launch in the history of PlayStation and consoles itself. PlayStation 4 sold more than one million units, yes sold to customers and not ‘shipped’ to retailers, in just 24hrs after its launch. However many of the users have been facing hardware issues with the PlayStation 4. Some of these cases have been isolated issues while others have been faced by many including PlayStation 4 being as loud as a jet. Sony is aware of these issues and have given out that only 0.4 percent are facing said issues.

Sony support, after determining that the PlayStation 4 is needed to be sent back to Sony, promised customers that they will sending customers a ship box or a ‘return box’ or ‘replacement box’ so that the customers can ship their console free of charge to Sony for the replacement. The box comes with a set of instructions to follow when shipping the console. You can have a look at how the box looks like along with the instructions below (images courtesy of therealrondo):

3 - XiCY5Nv1 - gqFW10Anew1new2new3Also the it was stated the replacement time can take up to 10-14 business days. You can also get your PlayStation 4 replaced by going to any Sony store. Apparently one guy who requested a return box, went to his local Sony store and got the PlayStation 4 exchanged from there.

Have you received your PlayStation 4 yet? Is it facing any hardware issues? Let us know in the comments below.


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