Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Turn Off Your DualShock 4 When Not In Use

The DualShock 4 unfortunately has a much shorter battery life compared to the DualShock 3 controller. Another issue with the controller is the lightbar, which can cause issues when it is being reflected on the TV screen.

So what happens when you are not using the controller i.e when downloading some huge game or update, and just want to easily disconnect it? Thanks to this reddit user, we learn that we can just hold the PS button for around 10 seconds and….. that’s it. The controller will disconnect automatically. This method works on the PS3 so you can also try it there.


I have been gaming on the PS3 and PS4 for a long while now and I never even knew about this feature. I do know that we can turn off the controller by keeping the PS button pressed and then selecting “Turn off device/controller” from the menu, but I never expected to turn off the controller this way.

So what do you think about this neat little discovery? Have you ever used this one? Let us know in the comments below.

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