Here’s A Few Seconds Of New Final Fantasy XV Footage From Latest Trailer

While Final Fantasy XV was originally revealed at E3 2013, we haven’t really seen much of it afterwards. The only new footage after E3 was at TGS 2013, and it was another few extra seconds worth of footage that gave a slightly extended look at the gameplay.

Square Enix has again showed a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV, and it contained a few seconds worth of new footage. You can check out this new footage in the WebMs below.

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This new trailer was showcased at Comic Con in Thailand, where Final Fantasy XV’s producer Shinji Hashimoto was present on stage to give more details about the game. Hashimoto teased about Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 presence at the upcoming E3, although the wording that was used implies that he might be talking about Tokyo Game Show instead of E3. In either case, we will find it out soon enough.

According to Square Enix’s latest financial result and game sales forecast, it is almost certain that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t be released in this fiscal year ending March 2015. A release date from Q2 2015 to onwards seems more likely.

What do you think about this snippet of new Final Fantasy XV footage? Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments below.

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