Here’s What Happens If Two Players Meet Online In No Man’s Sky After Latest Update

No Man’s Sky has finally received its first limited online multiplayer and while the developers have confirmed that it is limited to 16 players at a time, its interactivity hasn’t been revealed in detail leaving it up for the player themselves to determine how they can interact with each other.

While the details regarding it are still surrounded in mystery, some users have managed to discover other players online leading to a curious test to see if they are able to interact with each other. The official description confirms the player count as well as voice over IP for the multiplayer but this has yet to be tested in the actual game.

If you come across another player when exploring in No Man’s Sky, you won’t be able to see their own universe or their interaction with the world as shared on reddit. They appear as floating glowing orbs with different colors depending on your position. If you are on ground, you will see them as blue floating orbs while if you are in a vehicle, they appear as green floating orbs.

Approaching the player in the multiplayer results in a message¬†“(player name) can’t build a monument right now.” Hello Games have already teased a more functional co-op multiplayer in a future update and they are calling this integration of online multiplayer as the first step towards this direction. It remains to be seen how they further they can take the multiplayer from its current stage.

To join others in multiplayer, you will have to use Portals and get the coordinates from other players so that you can meet with them. This hasn’t been properly utilized yet but the new Portals use a glyph based coordinates system which should make it easier to locate other players.

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