Here’s Whats New In The Anvil’s Legacy DLC For Halo 5: Guardians

Announced earlier this week, The Anvil’s Legacy DLC will be launching alongside the release of Halo 5 Forge on the PC in early September. Here is a quick preview of some of the content present in the free DLC.

The expansion includes two new maps, new weapons such as the Tactical Magnum, Gunfighter Magnum and the assault cannons, new attachments for weapons, new armor, a plethora of new skins for weapons such as the Landgrave and Master Control skins and many more REQs.


The two maps included are the Warzone Assault map Temple and the Arena map Mercy. Mercy is a brand new re-imagining of the Halo 4 map, Haven.


The Tactical Magnum and Gunfighter Magnum are the brand new sidearms. The Gunfighter Magnum is a quick draw sidearm with fast-reload magazines, while the Tactical Magnum is a stealth based weapon which is equipped with a silencer as well as 2x Smart-Link capabilities.

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The second new type of weapons are the powerful assault cannons that can now be dropped from a defeated Hunter. The two variations are the Berserker’s Claw and the Wicked Grasp.

New attachments announced were the Sound Dampener, which Increases range and reduces firing signature, and the COG.


Also included are brand new weapon skins such as the Landgrave skins and the Master Control skins. You can check out the Master Control Skins below:

The Anvil’s Legacy expansion is set to release on 8th September for free for all players of Halo 5: Guardians. To get an in-depth look at Anvil’s Legacy, click here.

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