Here’s what you will get in place of DriveClub for PlayStation Plus – Updated PS+ launch lineup

After the official delay of DriveClub, people might be wondering which game they will get for PlayStation Plus. Sony has officially confirmed that in place of DriveClub, we will be getting Resogun and Contrast. Here’s what we know about these games.

Contrast is from Compulsion Games.  It is a game focused on puzzle solving with a unique art style. We can either move in 3D or we can flatten ourselves to 2D so that we can jump between shadows. Check out its trailer below.

Contrast will now be offered in place of DriveClub PS+ Edition, which is now delayed to Early 2014. We are sure that we will get the PS+ edition once it is made available.

The other game that will be available at launch is Resogun. While it wasn’t confirmed officially, we did knew that we will get it on launch in Europe. Now from the official announcement, it seems that both US and EU will be getting this game.

Resogun is from Housemarque. It is a futuristic side scrolling shooter that not only looks glorious, it also plays exceptionally well for a shooter. Resogun apparently uses the GPU compute functions of PlayStation 4 to animate thousands of cube based voxels. You can check out the trailer below.

After the inclusion of these two games, the following games are confirmed for PlayStation Plus for PlayStation 4 at launch.

  1. Outlast
  2. Resogun
  3. Contrast
  4. Dont Starve
  5. Secret Ponchos

What do you think of this new launch lineup? Let us know in the comments below.

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