Here’s Your First Look At Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive was just announced by Bandai Namco and ow more details about the game were revealed thanks to scans in Weekly Jump. You can also take a first look at the game ahead of its full reveal on July 29th.

The screenshots below are from the scan of the Weekly Jump magazine that also features information on the game.

Digimon Survive uses a mix of 2D and 3D for its visuals. The story scenes and conversations will be handled in 2D while battle scenes will be depicted in 3D. The scans show it all in action although it remains to be seen how it all plays out in action.

Digimon Survive Announced For PS4 And Nintendo Switch, Out In 2019 For Japan

Digimon Survive also brings the point and click genre into the mix. It is basically a Strategy RPG that has elements of point and click and visual novel. You can interact around environments using your cursor to locate points of interest. In battle, you will order your Digimon on a field.

Digimon Survive is confirmed to launch in 2019 and will be released for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. This is the first Digimon game this generation that will skip the PlayStation Vita. There is no word about a Western release but knowing Bandai Namco, they will announce it closer to the launch of the Japanese version.

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