Heroes of the Storm Patch released: Addition of a new character

Heroes of the Storm’s latest patch revealed a new character in the game: StarCraft’s Medic who is known as Lt. Morales. She is a healing-centric support character who is also capable of transporting her entire team across the map using her new and amazing talent called “dropship”. A full list of her abilities can be seen here.


The patch includes a number of changes to the gameplay as well as game’s the maps. For example, the Sky Temple has been nerfed in the sense that it won’t allow all three temples to be active simultaneously. Infernal Shrines’ Punishers are also nerfed and now they are more predictable and less punishing. They now always jump to the closest target within range and have less health points.

The great buff to the Garden of Terror’s Garden Terrors now enables them to disable the enemy core hero with their Overgrowth ability, which was once used as a defensive ability. Battlefield of Eternity’s Immortals are now buffed in this patch and they now scale higher in the late game.

The patch also included some changes in the Try mode map. It’s now bigger along, with the addition of a new area below the lane and a target dummy model. The Try mode includes a host of different options, such as the ability to remove cooldown from abilities or reset talents and jump to a specific hero level. Further details regarding the patch can be seen here.

The new character, Lt. Morales, along with the new updates will undoubtedly have an impact on Heroes of the Storm’s gameplay. Share your predictions regarding the meta changes in the comments below.

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