Heroes of the Storm : Ranked match lobbies and new matchmaking system announced

Blizzard has revealed some changes coming to Heroes of the Storm during a press conference at BlizzCon. The new matchmaking system of Heroes of the Storm will be similar to that of DotA 2. Bans and reports will be enabled in ranked match lobbies and a “Grandmaster” ladder will also be introduced by Blizzard in order to show those players who’ve reached the top of the current ladder. This new matchmaking system will be introduced in the next month. The previous matchmaking system in Heroes of the Storm was complicated and it always led to create match-ups with players of different skill levels.

Low priority matches will also be introduced in this new system. The players who abandon the game will be penalized. Therefore, this new system will improve the matchmaking experience for players. The matchmaking system will also include a balance of character roles within groups. The new system will focus on queue based matchmaking which will help to find the players with similar skill levels. The time spent to find a match will not affect the quality of the game, as revealed by game director Dustin Browder.

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