Hideo Kojima Claims That Death Stranding Will Be His “Best Work”

During Sony’s E3 2016 conference on June 13th, Death Stranding was revealed to the world and it was one of the most unexpected things to come out of the expo. Even now we have little to no information as to what it exactly is.

And now, during his address at this year’s Develop Conference, Hideo Kojima has stated that Death Stranding will be the greatest game he has ever made. He also talks about how he previously had to make compromises in his games, mainly due to technological restrictions, and how that will no longer be an issue thanks to both current technology and PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny.


Recently, Kojima was on a tour of all the major Sony studios in search of tech for his game. This makes it evident that Hideo Kojima is not the only one who has high hopes for Death Stranding, Sony does as well.

In the latest episode of HideoTube, Kojima remarks that a lot of E3 announcements tend to leak before the official event and how that worried him about Death Stranding itself leaking. He also mentions how only 5 people at Sony even knew about the announcement to begin with, and the lengths he had to go to ensure that his presence at E3 remained a secret until the reveal. Even the band Low Roar, didn’t know what game their song was going to be used for until they saw the trailer.

Hopefully more details will surface soon as development on the game proceeds. But until then, all we have is a very cryptic trailer which seems to contain a lot of hidden symbolism that is yet to be deciphered.

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