Hideo Kojima Teases Metal Gear Rising Sequel At Taipei Game Show

Hideo Kojima was one of the developers attending Taipei Game Show and he seems to be teasing Metal Gear Rising sequel, seen during a livestream (seen at 2:46:39).

You can check out the tease in the image below.

This 2 appears to be similar to the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance logo and hints to a sequel to the game. For reference here is the Metal Gear Rising logo, notice the similarity.



Check out the teaser in the form of video courtesy of YouTube user YongYea

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Kojima has strong ties with Platinum Games was recently seen visiting their studio despite the completion of their project. If anything, this could have meant that they were working on a sequel to Metal Gear Rising, which seems to have done well on its own as a spin-off to Metal Gear Solid series.

Source via Twitch

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