Hideo Kojima unsure on whether he will direct another Metal Gear Solid game

GameInformer recently interviewed Hideo Kojima about Metal Gear Solid V and while the interview had plenty of new details regarding Metal Gear Solid V, Kojima also said that he might not be able to direct the next Metal Gear Solid game.

Hideo Kojima is the backbone of each Metal Gear Solid game. He has directed and lead the development of almost every Metal Gear Solid title to date; it also includes the handheld spin-offs like Portable Ops and Peace Walker. He has been working on the Metal Gear Solid series for so long now that he never got a chance to make another game besides Metal Gear Solid.


GameInformer asked Hideo Kojima about David Hayter being upset over his removal of voice as Snake to which Kojima replied that if there is a new Metal Gear Solid game, he probably won’t return to direct it. He also explained the reason for voice over change stating that motion capture + voice over will be both done by one person going forward hence it was important to find a person suitable for both jobs.

GameInformer: David Hayter has publicly commented that he’s upset for being passed over as the voice of Snake for the new game. What’s your reaction to this?

Hideo Kojima: For this game, I wanted to have the full motion capture and full performance capture, however I realized I would have to be in Los Angeles for about a year, which was impossible given the agenda to create the rest of the game. So the motion capture was done with an actor here in Japan and the rest of facial capture and voice performance has been capture in Los Angeles in the U.S. with Keifer [Sutherland].

However if there is another Metal Gear, I’m not sure if I’m going to be in charge of it or not, it’s going to be probably be 3D capture, meaning it will be the whole thing with one person. It would be impossible by then to have one actor only for voice and another actor for the rest of the elements, so in that way I think it was also a good opportunity to make a shift for this character.

There was a time when Kojima made other games as well. His well known titles beside Metal Gear Solid are Zone of the Enders and Policenauts. If he doesn’t direct another Metal Gear Solid game, perhaps, he might return to direct any of his other IPs and we might finally get a new Policenauts or Zone of the Enders game.

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