Hideo Kojima: Wanted To Make A Game Like Movie “Great Escape”, Wasn’t Possible Before and More

Hideo Kojima, a well known industry veteran and the mastermind behind the iconic Metal Gear franchise, says that he always wanted to make a video game which would be like the movie “The Great Escape”. Hideo Kojima is an avid fan of movies and his games have always taken inspiration from movies. Even his official twitter account says that 70% of his body is made up of movies.

He further states that such tension to try to stay away from the searchlight wasn’t possible with MSX2 SPRITE in 1987 and it wasn’t also possible with PlayStation’s 3D polygon in 1998.

He continued further stating that after 26 years, the technology has finally made it possible for him to create such a game which has taken inspiration from the movie “The Great Escape”.

Hideo Kojima’s latest project, Metal Gear Solid V, is broken into two parts; Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Both the games are a step up from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker’s limited open world setting. This time around you can drive vehicles, day and night times affect guard patrols and much more.

Recently Hideo Kojima revealed that the PlayStation platform will be receiving exclusive content in the form of a mission called “Deja Vu Mission”. This mission is not a timed DLC or any DLC for that matter. It will come packaged inside the PlayStation versions of the game. Kojima-san states that the Solid Snake shown in Deja Vu Mission is a lot more than a skin and the player will be exploring “Shadow Moses-ish” base in Ground Zeroes.

Hideo Kojima also revealed that coming Monday, another official video of the Deja Vu Mission will be shown which will reveal more details about the mission.

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