High Life Update Introduces New Money Glitch To GTA Online

GTA Online has had a lot of bugs and glitches in the past and these glitches have led to money exploits. Rockstar released update after update trying to fix all the glitches and stop the players from exploiting the game and getting their hands on millions of dollar in seconds. The update before the High Life update, The Business Update, fixed all of the bugs and glitches which enabled players to exploit the game for money but now with the release of the High Life update, players have found a new money exploit or money glitch.

You will need a friend for this exploit who will help you duplicate your vehicle and then you simply sell your duplicated vehicle for almost full price. Players can now earn $1.5 Million in less then 10 minutes which is absolutely ridiculous.


The High Life update brought a lot of new highly anticipated features which the fans have been waiting for. The update adds five brand new properties to GTA Online and gives players the ability to own two different properties simultaneously. The High Life update also includes four brand new vehicles Dewbauchee Massacro, Pegassi Zentorno, Enus Huntley and Dinka Thrust as well as a new Non-Contact race which enables you to collide with your enemies. New clothes will also be available after downloading the update alongside the new Buffalo Rifle which packs a lot of punch.

The High Life Update is probably the best update so far but it has introduced a new money glitch which Rockstar will hopefully patch ASAP.

Abdullah Raza


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