Hints on new Atlus teaser site suggest Persona 5

Atlus earlier today put up a teaser site hinting at a new project being worked upon by P-Studio who are of course responsible for the Persona games and Catherine. The website is leading to a reveal date of November the 24, 2013, but what exactly is it teasing? Well we and many others think this new project is Persona 5.

Dualshockers stumbled into the site’s coding to find that the main two keywords on the site are “Persona” followed by “Atlus” in Japanese pretty much confirming the site’s relation to the Persona series. The description states “On November the 24, 2013 something will happen…”


The Twitter button on the site when clicked add a #ペルソナ hashtag which translates to “Persona.” in Japanese.


There’s also the color scheme on the page, fans of the series must be familiar that Persona games usually have a color palate associated with them. Persona 3 has Blue while Persona 4 was Yellow. The website is completely coated in Red leading us to believe that it really is the next game in the series i.e Persona 5.

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