Hitman 2 Supports Native 4K Or 60 FPS On Xbox One X; PS4 Pro At 1440p With Unlocked 60 FPS

Hitman 2 is available next week and now we have an early look at what kind of frame rate and resolution it offers on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Just like most other technical showdowns, Digital Foundry has now released their technical breakdown for Hitman 2 on all consoles including the base PS4 and Xbox One. According to their findings, Hitman 2 is a flawless experience on the Xbox One X. It renders at native 4K with 30 FPS, but also offers a 60 FPS mode that renders at 1440p. This frame rate is kept rather steadily unlike the PS4 Pro, which renders at 30 FPS with the choice of unlocking frame rate.

If you own a PS4 Pro, you will get the chance to play the game at 1440p with locked 30 FPS, or an unlocked frame rate that doesn’t quite hit 60 FPS and mostly averages between 30 to 50 FPS.

It is not that bad for the base consoles, especially the PS4. The game renders at native 1080p on the PS4 Slim with the same options as the regular PS4 Pro. You can uncap the frame rate to get a higher average but not quite locked 60 FPS experience. The carries over the Xbox One version which offers a 900p resolution with the same configuration as the base PS4.

Hitman 2 will launch on November 13 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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