Hitman Episode 2 gets a release date

Square Enix and IO-Interactive have just confirmed the release date for the second episode of the all-new Hitman game. The game is scheduled to be rolled out in a total of 5 episodes, one of which has been available since March 11 this year as part of an Intro Pack. Meanwhile, Episode 2, titled Sapienza, is slated to arrive on April 26 in a little over three weeks from now.


Sapienza takes place in a brand new location, featuring a fictional coastal town with new targets, disguises and challenges for Agent 47 to tackle. Just as with the Intro Pack, those who purchase Episode 2 will have the opportunity to participate in the game’s on-going development by providing crucial feedback to IO-Interactive.

Hitman’s Intro Pack features a prologue and Paris missions. While the prologue is brief and is essentially a way to familiarize players with the game’s mechanics, the Paris mission boasts a large sandbox that provides the meat of the experience. For more on how Hitman’s Intro Pack measures up, check out our review here.

While you wait for Hitman’s Episode 2 to arrive, share your thoughts on the game’s episodic release model in the comments below.

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