Hitman Episode 4 Will Be Set In Thailand

The latest chapter in the episodic Hitman game has been announced, and it’s not too far off either.

In episode four, Agent 47 will find himself heading to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, to seek out his latest contract. The mission is called Club 27, and the targets this time are rock star Jordan Cross and his lawyer, Ken Morgan, both of whom will be residing in the Himmapan luxury hotel.


“Hotels have been a staple across many a Hitman title”, according to the official post. Many fans enjoy the experience of intricately studying and learning everything about a hotel, in order to discover the most exciting ways of performing an assassination. The developers understand this and “thoroughly enjoy creating these wondrous assassination locations”.

To accompany this news, Square Enix has also released a music video by Jordan Cross’s fictional band, The Class. The song is called “Are We Stars”, and you can see it above.

Previous episodes have sent Agent 47 to Paris, Italy and Marrakesh, with the fifth episode to be set in the USA and a finale to be set in Japan. That’s not all though, a new Elusive Target has also been announced and will be available till the 8th of August.

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Hitman: Episode 4 is set for release on the 16th of August for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. Full release notes and release timings will also be announced soon.

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