HITMAN Gets New Beta And Story Details, New Trailer Revealed


HITMAN is an upcoming stealth video game being developed by IO Interactive. The game was first revealed during E3 2015, which without any doubt, created a hype around players and since then, Square Enix has been teasing its fans by sharing some details about the game from time to time. Today, they have shared some new details about the beta and the story of HTIMAN.

As HITMAN will be released episodically, along with stories that will be based on Agent 47, players will be able to experience some stories which involve other characters too such as Diana Burnwood, the ICA, and an entirely new main cast. The missions that you will play in the first few episodes will end up at the same place, meaning that everything will be linked with each other.

IO Interactive and Square Enix have also released a new trailer for HITMAN titled as “World of Assassination“. The trailer gives you a glimpse at the world of HITMAN.

Square Enix some time ago, announced that a Closed Beta for HITMAN will be held on February 12 for PS4 and today, they have announced that access to the beta will be given to those who pre-order HITMAN either physically or digitally. Players can pre-order the Full Experience or Intro Pack from the PlayStation Store to get access to the beta. The physical Collector’s Edition will also give access to the beta.


Along with this, those who pre-order HITMAN for PS4 will also get access to six exclusive bonus contracts, The Sarejevo Six. Each contract will be available in a different location. In addition to this, you will also get the Blood Money Requiem Pack if you pre-order the game.

HITMAN is set to launch episodically on March 11, 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A Closed Beta for the game will be held on February 12 for PS4 and on February 19 for PC. There is still no word about the beta being on the Xbox One.

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