Hitman Could Be Getting Two Additional Seasons

Hitman (2016) is on it’s first season right now, of which there are still 3 episodes to go, and it has now been revealed that it might be getting an additional 2 seasons.

According to the game’s official Twitter account, developer IO Interactive has already planned for the game to have 3 seasons. But while the developer may have already planned far ahead, the game has not yet been officially confirmed for a second season.


But what could be the reasons that a second season has not been confirmed yet? Well, the game’s first season is only half-way through and will take the rest of the year to complete, so the jury is still out on how the remaining episodes will perform. And since the game is only half-way out, Square Enix and IO Interactive might want to see it the game meets expected sales numbers before they actually develop another season.

One fan even asked if it was possible that the developers might remake some old levels for the new game, to which they replied that although there was a possibility, they were focused on creating new content. This implies that even if a second season has not been green-lit, IO Interactive still has some ideas about the content that could be in it.

Hitman Episode 4 Will Be Set In Thailand

Hitman is available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC, and follows an episodic release model. The game’s first three episodes are based in Paris, Italy and Marrakesh respectively, with the fourth episode set in Thailand, with a release on the 16th of August.

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