Hitman: Sniper Halloween Update is Now Available

Hitman: Sniper has finally received a Halloween update as announced today by the developers through a press release. This will be a time-limited update. Starting from today, this update will continue until November 24.

This single-player mobile video game has been developed and published by Square Enix Montreal. It was released back on June 3 2015. If you don’t have the game already, you can download it for both iOS and Android from the official website of the game.


This limited time Halloween update will equip Agent 47 will a special weapon, a deadly crossbow called the Exorcist. This crossbow will bring three new abilities for the players. First is a bombardment of fatal barbed arrows in order to take out many people at once. Secondly you can summon your victim’s ghost to be your ally, while the third ability is vicious impaling.

Agent 47 will now be dressed in a sinister outfit and he’ll be getting new missions in Halloween decorated Montenegro. There will be a spooky Halloween music in the background while Agent 47’s targets will be waiting for him dressed up in Halloween costumes to add to the occasion.

Hitman: Sniper is available for both Android and iOS, as mentioned above, for a minimal $0.99.


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