Homefront: The Revolution: First Official Details, Screens and Trailer Released

Homefront: The Revolution has been confirmed by Crytek. The game was leaked ahead of its reveal through a Swedish retailer listing.

According to Crytek, the game is set in a open world and will focus on Guerrilla Warfare. Developed by Crytek Nottingham, the game will use the ‘bleeding-edge’ CRYENGINE technolgoy to bring a huge open world to life. Set in an occupied Philadelphia, this Homefront sequel will be the most ambitious Crytek title to date. It will also feature an optional 4 player co-op that can be played with friends.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Crytek explained why they decided to make a sequel to Homefront.

“There was quite a massive shift in how we were approaching Homefront, We started off with THQ coming to us to work on the next Homefront. That was exciting because we saw the potential that Homefront had and could offer – we wanted to take that premise forward. But we were still working on a very linear scale where it was a level by level shooter.”

“Once we acquired it after the whole THQ business in 2012 [when the publisher collapsed], that gave us the flexibility to push out from that and see how far we could take it. All of a sudden it was up to us how big we wanted the game to be – we were in full control of it. That was really exciting. It was then we made the call to make this a free-roaming world where the player isn’t restricted by levels.”

Check out the first in-engine trailer along with plenty of screenshots.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”jTdoI6huQsY”]

Homefront: The Revolution is set to release next year on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Look forward to see more of the game at the upcoming E3.

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