Homefront Sequel PS4 Boxart Leaked Through Swedish Retailer Listing [Update]

Homefront sequel seems to have been leaked through the listing of a Swedish retailer. While no details have been given regarding the game and its story, the release year is listed as 2015 and the publisher is Deep Silver.

It was earlier rumored that Crytek are developing the sequel and the boxart confirms this rumor. The reveal was confirmed for today so maybe we will see actual gameplay footage and confirmation later today.


You can go to the listing here and check it out yourself (seems to have been removed). The sequel is titled Homefront: The Revolution and the boxart shows PS4 version of the game. There is no mention of a PS3 or Xbox 360 version so this one isn’t a cross-gen game after all, but we will know this for sure once it is officially announced.

Crytek are going to reveal two of their projects in the week leading to E3. One of them is the sequel to Homefront while the other one is codenamed Project Grave and will be revealed at E3.

The original Homefront was developed by Kaos and published by THQ, who sold the IP rights to Crytek last year.

Update: The game has been officially confirmed. More details can be read from here.

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