Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How To Obtain The Blazing Sun Medal

In Horizon Zero Dawn, players will face various challenges that they will have to complete in order to unlock trophies, gain XP, and earn different rewards. One of these challenges is the Valleymeet Hunting Challenge.

This challenge will reward players with the Blazing Sun Medal, alongside a significant amount of XP. The challenge is no walk in the park, as you will have to complete it in just a minute and a half. You will have to find and kill Five Striders in the given time limit. This guide will helped you by making the challenge easier, allowing you to complete it and obtain the Blazing Sun Medal.

Horizon Zero Dawn

How To Get The Blazing Sun Medal In Horizon Zero Dawn:

After accepting the challenge, players will have to make their way to the cliff. From here, you can spot all the Striders you have to kill to complete the challenge. You will have to kill 5 Striders in a minute and a half, so it is a good idea to mark Strider locations while standing on top of the cliff.

The area of the challenge will have Striders as well as Bellowbacks in it. Completely ignore the Bellowbacks, as they have nothing to do with the challenge. Before you start the trial, make sure you have explosives. as they make killing the Striders easier. Frost Grenades are the best for this challenge. They will allow you to freeze multiple Striders at the same time, making it easier for you to finish them off.

Two to Three Grenades should be enough to completely freeze the Striders. Once they are frozen, any powerful attack should be able to finish them in one hit. Keep in mind that the Striders will try to escape, however, they are not very agile so you should be able to catch them without a problem.

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Once you kill 5 Striders in the required time, return to the challenge giver and you will be able to claim your rewards. Hopefully this guide made it easier for you to complete the Valleymeet hunting challenge. Horizon Zero Dawn is now available exclusively on the PS4.

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