Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: Where To Find Crystal Braiding

There are tons of different types of resources you will need to collect in Horizon Zero Dawn. You will need these resources to obtain the best weapons and gear for your character in the game.

One of these items is called the Crystal Braiding. This item is quite rare, and is hard to obtain. This guide will help you find Crystal Braiding in Horizon Zero Dawn. Crystal Braiding is found in large enemies, which are hard to defeat.

Horizon Zero Dawn

How To Find Crystal Braiding In Horizon Zero Dawn:

There are different locations where you can get your hands on the item. Obtained by looting large enemies, the Crystal Braids are hard to get in the early stages of the game, but there is a location in the game where you can obtain Crystal Braids without much of a hassle. However, you must first unlock the Western Part of the map by progressing far enough into the main story. Once you have unlocked the Western Part of the map, travel to the location called Stormbird site. The exact location of the Stormbird Site is shown in the image below:

This location is home to mechanical birds that you must take down, in order to obtain the Crystal Braiding. Taking down these birds is no walk in the park, as they have a lot of HP and will take some time to defeat. The best way to deal with the Stormbirds is by using traps and tying them down. Once you have done that, aim for the canisters on their back. Destroying these will deal significant damage to the enemy. When you defeat the Stormbirds, you can harvest them and obtain the Crystal Braiding you were looking for.

These enemies will drop Crystal Braiding 90% of the time, and is one of the best ways to get your hands on the rare resource. The item can then be used to get powerful weapons and gear that will aid you on your journey.

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Hopefully this guide helped you obtain the Crystal Braiding with ease. Horizon Zero Dawn is now available exclusively on the PS4.

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