Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How To Defeat Bellowback Easily

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn presents several different challenges and enemies for the players. One of the harder enemies to defeat is a Bellowback. This is one of the toughest enemies to defeat in the game.

The Bellowback has several attacks that cause significant damage to your character. This is why the Bellowback is a feared enemy in the game. This guide will help you take down a Bellowback with ease.

How To Defeat A Bellowback in Horizon Zero Dawn:

The Bellowback is one of the toughest enemies in the game. It has a flamethrower which can deal a lot of damage, but if you know how to take down a Bellowback, it is not as tough as you might think. The Bellowback has several weaknesses which players can exploit to quickly deal with it.

One of the Bellowback’s most powerful weapons is its flamethrower, however, you can disable the flamethrower by attacking its throat. This prevents the Bellowback from using its fire attack, which severely limits its offensive capabilities.

One of the biggest weaknesses the Bellowback are the canisters on its back. This can be a hard task, as the Bellowback will constantly try to attack you. You can use Shock grenades to stun the Bellowbacks to get a better shot at the canisters on its back.

Aside from the Shock grenades, players can also use Shock traps to stun the Bellowbacks. It will take two Shock Grenades to stun a Bellowback, while it will only take one trap to stun it. However, you will have to maneuver the Bellowback into the trap for it to work. After stunning the Bellowback, you will have a clear shot at the canisters on the Bellowback’s back.

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Hopefully this guide helped you defeat the Bellowback easily. Horizon Zero Dawn is now available exclusively on the PS4.

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