Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How To Defeat Corruptors

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is home of several different mechanical beasts that roam the lands. Players defeats these animals to gather resources and XP.

Some enemies are easy to defeat, while some will give you a tough time. One of the tougher enemies in Horizon Zero Dawn are the Corruptors. These four legged animals are very aggressive and can be hard to take down. This guide will help you defeat the Corruptors in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn

How To Defeat Corruptors in Horizon Zero Dawn:

Defeating a Corruptor is no walk in the park, as it attacks constantly. The Corruptor shoots out grenades from its back that do AoE (Area of Effect) damage. The explosions aren’t very big but can do some damage if you do not dodge it. The Corruptor also has a tail that it uses to pick up rocks and throws them at you.

Something to keep in mind when going up against any Corrupted enemies is that they are weak to fire damage. Using fire weapons will do a lot more damage than regular weapons so keep that in mind. The Corruptor also has a pounce attack that you can use to your advantage. When you see the monster getting ready to jump at you, place down a trap and evade the attack. The Corruptor will land on the trap, doing significant damage to itself.

Like every animal in Horizon Zero Dawn, the Corruptor has a weak spot.The Corruptor’s weak spot is the Heat Core located between its eyes. Attacking the Heat Core allows you to deal a lot more damage. Pair that up with Fire weapons, and you will take down the Corruptors in no time at all. Taking down Corrupted enemies requires a lot of patience. Take your time, evade their attacks, and attack when you get the chance.

Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How To Take Down Enemies With Ease

Hopefully this guide helped you defeat the Corruptors in Horizon Zero Dawn. The game is now available exclusively on the PS4.

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