Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How To Defeat The Watchers

Horizon Zero Dawn is filled with different types of enemies. Every type of enemy has unique attacks and attributes.

An enemy that you will encounter are the Watchers. These enemies are very unique as they don’t attack you head-on. If a Watcher spots you, they will alarm other enemy units in the vicinity. The only options you have are to run away, or get outnumbered by enemy units. This guide will help you take down the Watchers with ease.

Horizon Zero Dawn

How To Defeat The Watchers In Horizon Zero Dawn:

The Watchers are more passive than other enemies in Horizon Zero Dawn. They simply scout the enviroment around them and look for threats. Upon locating a threat, they will call upon other allies in the area.

The best way to deal with Watchers is by taking them down silently. If you are spotted, then you must quickly take them down. Watchers lack offensive capabilities, but they do have some weapons in their arsenal.

Watchers charge at you and tackle you down. It is best to keep your distance, and use ranged weapons. The Watchers also have a laser attack that can deal some damage. Watchers have a weakness, and that is their eye. Attack the weakness to eliminate the enemy quickly.

You might come across a different type of Watchers. The normal type have a blue eye, while a more powerful and aggressive version of the enemy have a red eye. The Red eyed Watchers are tougher and deal more damage. Aside from that, they are the same as the normal Watchers.

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Hopefully this guide helped you take down Watchers with ease. Horizon Zero Dawn is now available exclusively on the PS4.

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