Horizon: Zero Dawn Deluxe Edition And Preorder Bonuses

Last year at E3, Sony announced a new exclusive title for the PS4 known as Horizon: Zero Dawn. Yesterday, we saw gameplay of the highly anticipated game at E3 during Sony’s Press Conference. The game looked amazing visually and ran flawlessly. In the gameplay, we saw the protagonist Aloy travelling to the border but encounters trouble on the way.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is available for preorder. If you preorder the game, you can get your hands on a few bonuses.

One of these bonuses is The Nora Machine Trapper pack. This is a universal preorder bonus which means you receive this preorder bonus irrespective of the retailer. This resource pack adds crafting resources as well as modifications for Aloy’s weapon and outfit. If you preorder the game from GameStop, you will also receive the Nora Lookout Outfit and Longshot Bow.


For $70, you can get your hands on Horizon: Dawn Zero Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition comes with two resource packs the Carja Trader and the Banuk Traveller. Both of these resource packs have two different outfits, the Carja Storm Ranger outfit and the Banuk Trailblazer outfit, as well as two different weapon skins, the Carja Mighty Bow and the Banuk Culling Bow. The Deluxe edition also includes the Nora Machine Trader pack, a digital art book, and a PS4 theme.

Horizon Zero Dawn Deluxe Edition

If you want to go all out then you can purchase the Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Collector’s Edition which will cost you $120. The Collector’s Edition includes everything that came in the Deluxe Edition and in addition to that, you will get a nine-inch statue and a 48-page art book.

Horizon zero dawn collector's edition

The highly anticipated PS4 exclusive comes out in February, 2017. After watching the gameplay at E3, fans are very excited to get their hands on Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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