Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Comment On PS4 Pro Resolution, UI, Season Pass, Confirm No Microtransactions

Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming action RPG from Guerrilla Games. The developers are previously famous for their work on the PlayStation exclusive Killzone series and this is the first time they have developed an action RPG.

While Horizon Zero Dawn definitely shows a lot of potential, there are still some details regarding its development that are shrouded in mystery. The game has yet to hit the ‘gold’ target that means it is ready for shipping but according to the game director, they are in the ‘final stretch’ of game development.

The resolution of Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS4 Pro hasn’t been confirmed yet while it will target 1080p/30 fps on the regular PS4. As for the UI, it is still being polished. The game might not have a Season Pass for now.

Lastly if you were worried about microtransactions making their way into Horizon Zero Dawn, the developers have confirmed that they won’t include any microtransactions in their game.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to launch on February 28th exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It is being developed by Guerrilla Games and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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