Horizon Zero Dawn: Where To Find Fish Bones And Scales For Crafting

While playing Horizon Zero Dawn, you will find different resources that you can use to upgrade your gear. One of the most important upgrades will allow you to increase the capacity of your inventory, allowing you to carry more items .

You will be able to increase the maximum capacity of your inventory, but for that, you will need to find fish bones and scales. These resources can be found randomly around the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, however, their are lakes and rivers where you can farm these items.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Where To Find Fish Bones And Scales In Horizon Zero Dawn:

These items can be obtained at an early stage of the game, as you can travel to two different lakes towards the northwest of Mother’s Heart. You can go to either one of the lakes to start farming for the items. The lake shown in the image above is the ideal location for fishing.

Once at the lake, scan the water to identify the fish in the water. Press the R3 button to mark the fish, making it easier for you to shoot them. Shoot them one by one and then jump in the water to retrieve the items.

The fish will be highlighted according to what they dropped. The fish that drop the bones will be highlighted in green while the fish that drop the scales will be highlighted in blue. If you want to continue farming the fish bones and scales after you have killed all the fish in the lake, make your way to the nearest bonfire and save your progress. Load your latest saved file and continue the whole process again.

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Hopefully this guide makes it easier for you to obtain the fish bones and scales in Horizon Zero Dawn. The game is now available on the PlayStation 4.

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