Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How To Complete The Parts Alone Hunting Trial

Horizon Zero Dawn is full of challenges that players must complete to earn rewards and XP. These challenges have players complete various challenges. One of these challenges is known as the Parts Alone Hunting Trial.

The Parts Alone trial will reward players with XP and the Blazing Sun. The hunting challenges are a great way to earn XP and level up your character. This guide will help you complete the Parts Alone Hunting Trial in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn

How To Complete The Parts Alone Hunting Trial:

The Parts Alone challenge is not that hard. To complete the challenge, you must take down Grazers and remove 10 canisters of their backs. To achieve the Blazing Sun reward, players must complete the challenge in the given time.

Once you start up the challenge, scout the hunting area from an elevate position. This will allow you to mark the area that the Grazers are in, allowing you to find them easily. Grazers are easily startled, so make sure that you take them down while hiding.

To effectively take down a Grazer, players should shoot the canisters on its back. There are three canisters located on the back of these animals, shoot all three and then shoot the Grazer. This should take them down easily. Stealth is very important when taking down the Grazers, as they get spooked very easily. Take them out while hiding behind cover or in tall grass.

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Once you have acquired 10 Grazer canisters, head back to the challenge giver to receive your rewards. Hopefully this guide helped you complete the Parts Alone Hunting Trial in the given time. Horizon Zero Dawn is now available exclusively on the PS4.

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