Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: How To Take Down Enemies With Ease

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is filled with different types of animals. All of these mechanical beasts have their own strengths and weaknesses.

This guide will help you take down any enemy with ease. Every Animal is different and has its own way of attacking you, however, every animal also has a weakness that you can exploit to take it down.

Horizon Zero Dawn

How To Defeat Any Enemy In Horizon Zero Dawn:

The easiest way to take down an enemy is by finding out its weakness by scanning them before you go on the offense. Stay in cover and press down on the R3 button to scan. This will allow Aloy to scan all the enemies in front of her.

The scan will reveal the enemy’s weakness. The yellow area on an animal highlights its weakness. Aim for the vulnerable part of the animal, and you will do a lot more damage.

Another thing to keep in mind are the elemental weapons. Some animals are resistant to a specific type of element, but some elements will do additional damage. Make sure you use the right elemental ammunition. An element that is effective against every type of enemy is Corruption.

Traps are very underrated in Horizon Zero Dawn. Traps can make a fight very easy, allowing you to take down the hardest enemy without a hassle. Tripcasters and Ropecasters are very useful weapons, and can lock down an enemy.

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Ropecasters immobilize an enemy, allowing you to take accurate shots. However, keep in mind that enemies break out of the rope trap after taking a certain amount of damage.

Hopefully this guide helped you take down enemies with ease. Horizon Zero Dawn in now available exclusively for the PS4.

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