Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.02 Is Live, Adds Performance Mode With 30 FPS Lock

Horizon Zero Dawn’s day one update is live and as we confirmed earlier, it adds support for Performance Mode. This mode is apparently for the PS4 Pro users who are looking for a rock solid performance on the PS4 Pro. It renders at 1080p resolution with ‘enhanced visuals’ but according to an analysis done by Digital Foundry member dark10x, this mode still locks the frame rate at 30 fps.

The new performance and resolution mode can be found in the options menu as seen in the screenshots below.

The two different options that can be seen below seem to prefer either resolution or performance. In the case of the resolution option, the game enables supersampling for those who are playing it on a 1080p TV. However it is still a strange decision to lock the frame rate to 30 fps in performance mode since the main game already ran at a solid 30 fps for the most part.

According to dark10x, the rare slowdowns that used to occur in the higher resolution mode are now completely eliminated however he failed to notice any improvements in visuals for the game, even though the option does state that visuals are improved along with performance.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be officially released on February 28th for the PS4.

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