Horizon Zero Dawn Platinum Owners Get Another Surprise Gift From Sony

Horizon Zero Dawn is the first open world action RPG from Guerrilla Games and it is a first party game, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Sony is famous for awarding the users who platinum their first party games as they have done in the past with Bloodborne. Horizon Zero Dawn players who have achieved a Platinum trophy are also getting some surprise gifts from Sony.

If you have subscribed to the PlayStation Newsletter from Sony and achieved a Platinum Trophy in Horizon Zero Dawn, there is a good chance that you might be able to get an exclusive avatar for your PSN Profile. This avatar redeem code is sent in the newsletter by Sony congratulation the user on achieving a Platinum trophy. This is actually the second gift sent by Sony to its users, as the previous one was an exclusive PS4 theme.

You can view the avatar below and while it looks pretty low quality, it is still a good gesture from Sony to give it for free.

This is the second surprise gift from Sony for those who have achieved the Platinum trophy in Horizon Zero Dawn. The first gift was an exclusive theme which was also the case with Bloodborne. Although this is rather random and some users who have achieved the Platinum don’t seem to get an email from Sony at all.

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