Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 vs. PS4 Pro Video Comparison Shows The Definitive Version

Horizon Zero Dawn will be officially released on February 28th but the reviews have already been released and it appears to have been faring a lot better with critics, currently hovering around a 88 average on Opencritic.

Since Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the big first party game to support the PS4 Pro, as showcased in the original reveal, it should be interesting to see how the standard PS4 version compares to the PS4 Pro version here.

YouTube user Arekkz Gaming has taken his time to perform such a comparison and needless to say, the visuals appear to be identical across both version but with the addition of supersampling/4K resolution on the PS4 Pro. This means the image quality is far crisper on the PS4 Pro which makes huge difference in our opinion.

You can check out this video comparison below.

Keep in mind that while the comparison is mostly between similar scenes, it doesn’t cover the same time of day which makes it difficult to analyze the lighting and other effects for the game. There doesn’t appear to be any major change here between both versions but even if we compare them side by side, it is hard not to notice the improved image quality present on the PS4 Pro.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be out on February 28th for the PS4.

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