Horizon Zero Dawn First Review Goes Live, Praises The Open World

Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming action RPG from Guerrilla Games. It will launch on February 28th but the game has apparently been leaked earlier than the official date thanks to broken street date.

While the reviews for the game are embargoed until February 20th, Engadget accidentally managed to publish their review of the game ahead of the embargo date. The review was of course taken down but not before some users were able to preserve it.

The review goes in detail about the main character, Aloy and her journey through the open world of Horizon Zero Dawn, praising out the effort spent in making sure she is a well developed character. The whole review can be read from this screencap that is available online.

Jessica Conditt, who published the review, had the following to say regarding Horizon Zero Dawn.

As is often the case, love hit me out of nowhere, when I least expected it. See, Horizon is not my typical kind of game. I’m generally drawn to experiences I can play in bursts, like League of Legends, TowerFall, Neko Atsume or Overwatch, and I’ve never been tempted to play all the way through massive, open-world role-playing games like Dragon Age, Skyrim or The Witcher. I see the appeal of these series — I’m a nut for the fantasy and sci-fi genres in general — but they never hold my attention for long.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be released on February 28th exclusively for the PS4. It also supports 4k rendering and HDR on the PS4 Pro.

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