Horizon’s PS4 gameplay demo was all In-Engine, no CGI involved

Some developers tend to spice up their games when showing them off at E3 by taking help of CGI, this raises expectations and causes problems after the game’s release. Guerrilla Games’ Horizon was shown off at Sony’s E3 conference and the game looked absolutely mesmerising. Horizon’s Technical Director confirmed on Twitter today that no visual trickery was involved in the gameplay demo shown on stage.

Horizon Zero Dawn looks super interesting with a Robot Dinosaur hunting post apocalypse setting. The game will be Guerrilla’s first project outside of the Killzone franchise since 2004’s Shellshock and they’re surely not intending to disappoint.


What did you think of the Horizon Zero Dawn? Could it be the next killer Playstation IP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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