Hotfix for The Forest Coming Soon, Resolves Saving Issue

We recently reported on how the players of the new survival horror game, The Forest, could not save their progress in the game. Before the game came out, the developers played through the game and showed what the game was all about. We saw that players could save their progress by making a shelter and sleeping in it but since the games release, players have not been able to save their progress.

But there’s good news for the fans of The Forest. Developer, Endnight Games has been working on a hotfix to resolve this issue so that players can save their progress. They posted information about the hotfix on a forum on Steam saying, “Ben made a really quick bug fix, We had some really minor clean up issues and some steam technical issues. There’s going to be the proper hot fix with saving loading and some performance improvements Monday or Tuesday”


This inability to save your progress makes this game a lot harder and impossible to complete. There are several other bugs and glitches in the game but those can be tolerated however, players not being able to save their progress takes all the fun out of the game. But the game is in Alpha so you can’t really judge the game until the full game comes out. The Forest will surely be a game to remember.

Abdullah Raza


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