Housemarque’s Second PS4 Project Is Their “Biggest” One Yet

Housemarque are the developers of the PlayStation 4 exclusive Resogun, which had the honor of being the highest rated launch exclusive on the PlayStation 4. We had the pleasure of conducting an interview with them, in which they detailed their amazing technology that they utilized for the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

After the release of Resogun, they seem to be working on another PS4 project in addition to the DLC for Resogun. In an interview with DigitalGathering, they talked a little more about this mysterious PS4 project.

When the interviewer asked them to reveal more details about their mysterious new project, Housemarque’s Community Manager, Tommaso De Benetti said: “Nope, sorry. We are not speaking about that until reveal. And we are not 100% sure when the reveal is yet.”

“I can say it’s gonna please (and surprise maybe?) most of our fans. It’s not a driving game! That I can say.”

“That said the other PS4 project we are working on is the biggest project we have been working on so far.” concluded Tommaso.


Maybe we will know more about Housemaruqe’s mysterious PS4 project at the upcoming E3.

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