How Gaming is shaping up for a change in 2020 and beyond

The video game industry is ever evolving. From playing Space Invaders on arcade cabinets, to playing Fortnite on your smartphone; video games have always continued to evolve in every shape and form. Here’s how the video games industry and gaming as a whole is shaping up for a change in 2020 and beyond.

Apple pushing game development on mobile platforms via Apple Arcade

Apple has been churning a lot of money into their Apple Arcade subscription service, which launched last year in September. The world’s most valuable company is partnering up with indie and bigger developers to create higher quality games for their iOS platform.

With over 100 games in development for release in the future, the platform will no doubt bring mobile game development to new heights.

The continued rise of iGaming

The first half of 2020 has seen gambling companies perform very strongly. 888 Holdings reported Year on Year growth of 56%, their online poker offering was a key factor in the growth, with being responsible for $36.1 million in revenue. The big question is whether the industry can continue to grow at the same speed, an estimated 100 million play poker regularly online, many within the industry are expecting this figure to grow.

Success of Microsoft’s Game Pass

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service has proved to be a huge success with over 15 million monthly subscribers as of September, 2020. Commonly referred to as the Netflix of gaming, Xbox Game Pass has offered great value for customers so far. The service has also shined a light on games that might not be able to get the attention that they otherwise deserve, similar to certain shows and movies that we watch on Netflix that we might have otherwise not.

Included with the Ultimate tier membership, XCloud also allows you to play your games on the go on your Android or iOS devices. Overall the service will only continue to grow further if Microsoft keeps on supporting it as it has.

Comeback of the Handheld Console thanks to the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been selling like crazy these last two years and definitely won the year in 2020. Some excellent games have been released this year, the Nintendo Switch sold like hotcakes with there even being shortages earlier this year. Also with the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, which is a completely portable version of the console, the device has seen even more success in the market.

Focus on Accessibility and Inclusivity

Industry leaders like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have been making it a focus to make their games more accessible and inclusive. Microsoft in particular has been working on creating a better experience for disabled gamers with devices like the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Game Developers are also creating characters and experiences that appeal to a wider audience instead of catering to a certain gender or group of people.

Holo Displays and future of gaming

Although Holographic Displays have been around for a while, they’ve still yet to hit the mainstream. What better way to make a technology more mainstream than to incorporate it one way or another into gaming? 3D did it, Blu-ray discs went mainstream due to the PS4, there’s countless examples here.

Sony has been quietly working on some ideas and designs according to some recently registered patents. The technology could also be worked into existing VR headsets along with AR aspects which could lead to some unique and interesting experiences.

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