How Internet throttling is the reason you’re lagging in games

Another day another instance in Call of Duty where you should have won the gun fight? Think you’re lagging but your ping and packet loss seem to be fine? Well by friend then you might just be getting throttled by your ISP.

Internet throttling isn’t anything new and has been used ever since ISPs introduced fair use or unlimited plans. You’d be surprised at how many ISPs across the world throttle their users without them even realizing it. The idea behind ISP based Internet throttling is where the ISPs limit download speeds of users who are putting a strain on their bandwidth by downloading torrents, watching 4K HDR Netflix or even playing games.

With the new consoles and the ever increasing game sizes, many gamers suffer from Internet throttling without even realizing it.

ISPs usually track your usage by category so if you’re just using Snapchat or Instagram, you’re more likely to not get throttled and get full speed. However if you’re an avid Call of Duty player and download huge game patches every other day then that could seem like an issue to the ISPs.

If you’re interested in finding out if you’re being throttled whenever you feel like you’re lagging in game do the following:

  1. Run an online speed test at the provider of your choosing
  2. Connect to a VPN, although make sure its not a free speed limited VPN
  3. Run the test again and compare speeds

Now the thing is that although connecting to a VPN should reduce the affect of throttling due to it masking your usage, some ISPs may have some other systems and play where this solution might not work. However this works for majority of cases and a easier workaround compared to many.

I’ve also found using VPNs while game to improve your routing, which is the route your traffic will take from start to the end destination.

So let us know if this worked for you in the comments.

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