How Solitaire changed gaming forever

Solitaire or Patience as its referred to in some circles was one of the first games to be included with Microsoft Windows. The game has been a staple of Windows Software since Windows 3.0 released back in 1990.

Not only was the game interesting and challenging, but it also helped users get accustomed to the GUI which was a complete anomaly at the time. Solitaire helped users get accustomed to using the mouse and its different functions.

Solitaire rapidly became a common past time for office workers, with many business owners calling it a reason for falling productivity.

Solitaire however was a gateway for many into gaming and I’m sure many can attest to it being the first game they played.

Now the game is everywhere and you can find it on a wide variety of platforms and not just PC including smartphones and even home appliances.

Danial Arshad Khan

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