How to change the Xbox One’s DNS Server

Although the Xbox One features the best Network Hardware out of the three flagship consoles on the market, you can make it perform even better by using a good DNS Server.

A DNS or Domain Name System Server helps resolve the IP address of the server you’re trying to connect to. A faster DNS Server could increase your download speeds, reduce ping and latency and make your overall online experience better and safer.

Before starting use the guide below to find the best DNS Server for your Internet Connection

Best Gaming DNS Servers for your Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Now that you’ve found your desired DNS Addresses follow the steps below to change your Xbox One’s DNS Server:

Steps to change to Xbox One’s DNS Server

Step 1. From the Xbox One “Home” screen open the Settings by either using the Home menu or pressing the “Guide” button on your controller and selecting “Settings”.

Step 2. Select “Network”, then “Advanced Settings” and finally “DNS Settings”.

Step 3. Choose to set your DNS Settings “Manually” and enter the Primary and Secondary DNS Addresses.

That’s it, super simple.

Alternative Method

Alternatively you could always set a DNS Address for your Network in your Router or Modem settings. Do this by opening up the Router or Modem’s setting’s page and then entering your desired DNS address in the DNS page.

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