How To: Disable In-App Purchases On iOS And Android Devices

UK’s Office Of Fair Trading is looking into if Free To Play games are compelling children to spend more money. Here at Gearnuke, we will help you with some guides that will help you learn how to disable in-app purchases on both android and iOS devices.

If you’re a gamer who would like to use an app rather than being asked to spend money or a parent trying to avoid a massive credit card bill, read the guides below.

How to Disable In-App Purchases On iOS Devices:

Familiarize yourself with the restrictions menu on the iOS devices, especially if you are setting up the device for children, while normal gamers may just turn on or off the in-app purchases via this menu there are several other methods.You can do this by password protecting purchases, stop auto update on apps or age-gate content that you don’t want any kids playing.

To access to this go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘General’ and then ‘Restrictions’.  “Enable Restrictions” by clicking on the top of the screen, then select a PIN by entering  it twice and confirming. When finished scroll down the apps list to ‘Allowed Content’ and move the “In-App Purchases” slider to ‘Off’. That’s it.

How To Disable In-App Purchases On Android Devices:

First open up the Google Play Store App. Select ‘Menu’ and then ‘Setting’. Go to the user control where you will see this  “Set or Change PIN”. Click this and enter the code of your choice by giving it twice and then select the “Use PIN for Purchases” option just to assure that no one accidentally spends money on the apps without knowing the password.

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