How to Find Your AirPods in Case You Lose Them

AirPods are small, convenient, significant, but very easy to lose. Being compact makes them your best friend as you can use them on the road while walking, driving or sitting at the park or train station lounge. However, their size can also be the most devastating feature than losing a wager in an online casino no deposit welcome bonus after playing your favourite casino game. The reason is that the size makes it easy to misplace the AirPods, the seat cushions can easily swallow them, your pet can carry them around, and you could leave them behind in your office or taxi home.

Ways to Find the AirPods 

In other words, losing the AirPods is very easy and can even happen twice in a single day. Therefore, you need to find ways in which to find the AirPods in case you lose them. These include:

  • Be proactive by installing and using the Find My app; 
  • Use the Find My app;
  • Enroll in and use iCloud services; 
  • Play Sound from your devices.

Be Proactive by Installing the Find My App 

The first step towards becoming proactive with your AirPods is installing the Find My app on your mobile device, computer or other Apple devices. The app is easy to access if using an Apple device and is only compatible with Apple devices. The Find My app designed by apple has essential information on your iPods, including the serial number, capability/features and a tracking mechanism. Whenever you purchase an Apple device, whether it is a smartphone, smartphone, or AirPods, it is advisable to set up the app and have it ready for use. 

How to Set Up the Find My App

  • Open your phone and go to Settings App;
  • At the top, your names will appear. Tap on the name;
  • The Find My icon will appear. Tap on it;
  • Tap on Find My iPhone; 
  • Finally, tap on the toggle switch and the device will automatically turn on the app.

Losing the AirPods is not an option; thus, activate the Find My app after getting the AirPods. If you lose the AirPods before starting the Find My app, you will need to either purchase new ones or replace the ones you have lost, which is a very costly affair. 

Use the Find My App

Fing My app is an amazing app, developed by Apple that helps you in finding your favourite devices. It works perfectly even if the devices are offline. There are four different scenarios that require using the Find My app. 

AirPods are in their Casing, Have Enough Charge and are Within your Bluetooth Range

First, the casing for the AirPods interferes with the Find My app. If you lose the devices, you cannot use the Find My app as it cannot play the sound, an essential function. It allows the device owners to use their hearing capability to identify the location of the missing AirPods. However, you can still use the map to place the device’s last known location and start from there and retrace your steps. To do so, you can follow the following steps:

  • Click on Find My app to pen it. If the app does not automatically appear on the screen, search the Apple store for it or the app library on your smart device. 
  • Check and point to the devices tab. 
  • Select your AirPods by tapping on them. 
  • The device’s last location will appear on the screen with a map directing you to the device’s location. You can see the distance and time it will take to be close to your device.

Lost Airpods Fully Charged and Within your Bluetooth Range 

You can lose the AirPods after recharging or using them in the house or office. It means that you still have their casing and require finding the AirPods for proper storage. The process is more straightforward as you only need to play sound, and the AirPods speakers will amplify the sound. However, the function is limited to enclosed papers because losing them in a public park will be difficult to hear any sound and, thus, more challenging to find the AirPods. 

Here are the steps to follow to find the AirPods using sound. Follow the steps on scenario one and proceed with the following steps:

  • Open Find My app and follow the steps to your Airpods.
  • Select the AirPods and click on “Play Sound.”
  • The map will appear and also an icon indicating whether to play sound from the left or the right or on both AirPods will appear. Select the most appropriate for you, especially if you have a clue where the devices might be. 
  • Once you have the AirPods, click on the stop button. The sound will automatically stop. 

Losing a Single AirPods or Both but in Different Locations 

It is normal to remove a single AirPod from your ears to back after listening or communicating with others. When playing online, you may need to remove it to listen to your friends’ explanations on online pokies NZ and how to play them. However, not many notice when it falls out of one’s hands or slips out of the stand where you placed it. You only have one AirPod, which you can lose in a different spot if not careful. So, how do you find your AirPods in such a scenario?

  • Follow the steps on scenario one and proceed from the available AirPod map. 
  • The map will only indicate the location of a single AirPod at a time. You have no access to the sound function since both AirPods are missing. Therefore, proceed to find the first AirPod. 
  • After you find it, lock it in the AirPod casing and proceed to refresh the Find My app. 
  • A map will appear, showing you the direction and time to our second AirPod. Reunite the two and you can breathe out. 

Losing the AirPods Case 

It is a very likely scenario that many individuals suffer. However, the Find My app or the iCloud services cannot help you locate the casing. However, you can retrace your steps and track the case. If lucky enough, you will find it, and if not, you will have to replace it.

Enroll In and Use iCloud Services 

If you do not have an iPhone, you cannot use the Find My app, don’t despair, as you can still utilize the iCloud services. The iCloud offers a similar service in case you lose your iPhone. Here are the steps to follow to recover your AirPods without the Find My app: 

  • Log in to using your personal computer;
  • Log into your Apple account using your ID; 
  • Select the option available to find your iPhone; 
  • A drop-down menu will appear, indicating all the devices on the account. Select AirPods; 
  • Follow the map and retrieve your AirPods.


Finding your AirPods after losing them is a simple process. However, you need to install the Find My app on your phone and set it up accordingly. If you do not have an iPhone, proceed to apple cloud services and log into your account. You can also use the Apple cloud services to find your iPhone or Airpods regardless of where they are. The only limitations are when the AirPods are in the casing as it interferes with the search function!

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