How to get the True Ending in Resident Evil 2

To get the True Ending in Resident Evil 2 you’ll need to follow certain steps that we’ll go over in this guide.

The Resident Evil 2 True Ending is seen when you finish the game as the developers intended. There’s some noticeable difference between the Normal Ending and the True one so if you’re a fan you’ll definitely want to go for the latter.

Scenario A & B and the Resident Evil 2 True Ending

The game has two Scenarios for both Leon and Claire. The first play-through you end will be the A Scenario.

When you complete the Scenario, which’ll be the A one, you’ll unlock another option on the main menu called “New Game (2nd Run)” which allows you access to the B Scenario.

Finishing a B campaign will play the Resident Evil 2 True Ending. Making things easier it doesn’t matter which B campaign you end, as long as you end one for either Leon or Claire the True Ending will play. So you can play Leon A and Claire B and vice versa to get the True Ending.

Thankfully there’s enough variation in the scenarios that its fun to play through them again. As a bonus for getting the Resident Evil 2 True Ending you’ll also unlock the Broken Umbrella Silver Trophy or Achievement.

If you’re going for multiple play-throughs you may want to also go for the Infinite Ammo weapons.

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Resident Evil 2 is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4

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