How to run every PS Vita game on Playstation TV without restriction

A brand new homebrew hack from an individual, who goes by the name ‘Mr. Gas’, now lets you run any PS Vita game or application on your Playstation TV without any kind of restriction. By default, the device can’t run some native PS Vita games, and this is considered to be its single most significant shortcoming. Playstation TV owners will be glad to know that there’s finally a workaround that’s basically free thanks to the wonders of homebrew.

The procedure is pretty simple, and doesn’t require you to have in-depth knowledge on the hack. All it takes is a simple email, which is read via the PS Vita email app that comes pre-installed on all Playstation TV devices.

A step-by-step rundown of the procedure can be seen below.

Step 1: Download the file here on your PC.

Step 2: Open the file with a compatible email client (such as thunderbird), and forward it to your email account registered on the PS Vita’s email app.

Step 3: Boot up the PS Vita email app, and locate your email. Once you have opened it, if everything worked correctly, you should see the following:


Step 4:  Click on the attached image. You should now see the following:


Step 5: Do not click OK. Instead, press the PS button and close the app completely.

Step 6: Head back into the PS Vita email app. The settings have now been cleared, and you can log back into your email. Your Playstation TV device is now ready to run homebrew content.

Step 7: Download the file here on your PC and rename it to ‘#0‘. Make sure that there is no file extension. If you haven’t done so already, enable file extension editing in Windows.

Step 8: In order to unlock all PS Vita games, email the file to your PS Vita’s registered email address with the title ‘ur0:game/launch/list_launch_vita.dat‘.

Step 9: In order to unlock all PSP and PSX games, email the file to your PS Vita’s registered email address once again. This time, use the title ‘ur0:game/launch/list_launch_emu.dat‘.

Step 10: Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 for both emails that have by the PS Vita’s email app. In both cases, make sure to not click OK and quit the app completely.

Your Playstation TV is now ready to run all unsupported PS Vita, PSP, and PSX titles.

Certain games will require touch functionality. In order to play these games properly, be sure to enable touch screen emulation by holding down the PS button to enter the standby menu. A screenshot of the standby menu with touch screen emulation enabled can be seen below.


We recommend using a Dualshock 4 with the Playstation TV, as its possible to use its touchpad to emulate the PS Vita’s touch screen functionality.

In the comments below, share your experience with this homebrew hack and let us know if the guide helped you in playing your favorite PS Vita games on your Playstation TV.

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