How To Speed Up Your Gaming Mac Before The Holiday Season

When the festive season is in full swing, you may want to relax at home after the parties are over. Work often takes a backseat when you are in holiday mode. But outings and travel may still not be on the cards this year as the fear of the virus prevails. If having a good time at home is your priority, gaming is the best thing to do. You may try your hand as a newbie or explore new games as a seasoned player. Everything boils down to having the right device, and Mac owners are the lucky ones. However, you need to optimize it for delivering the best experiences. Here are some tips to speed up your gaming Mac.

Ensure your HD has breathing space

A neat Hard Drive is crucial for device performance. You tend to stuff it with personal files and games over time. Ideally, you must keep 10-15% of your drive capacity free, but users seldom keep track. It makes sense to take up a fall declutter project to ensure ample breathing space during the holidays. Also, make it a habit to delete unused files, apps, and games regularly. Moving large files to external storage is a good idea.

Avoid stressing your RAM

Like your hard drive, RAM also needs ample breathing room to stay healthy. Apps and games use up RAM and processing power, and you need to ensure that it isn’t overloaded. Close some apps before starting a game to get the best performance. Check the Activity Monitor to see the usage of each app and get rid of the memory-hogging ones. Web browsers are notorious as well, specifically if you have multiple tabs or windows open. Follow the rule of closing apps and windows during your gaming sessions.

Clear the desktop clutter

You will probably not take a cluttered desktop seriously, but it is the last thing you should have on your device. It is one of the most prevalent reasons for mac slow speed, so decluttering the desktop should be on top of your holiday prep checklist. Avoid accumulating too many documents, screenshots, and photos on the home screen in the first place. Even if you have them, organize them and store them in relevant folders.

Check your hardware

A better machine delivers better gaming experiences. But you may not afford a brand new Mac this holiday season. However, you can upgrade your existing hardware to take things a notch higher. Apple retailers have customized upgrade options for users, so you can go ahead and check. Seek recommendations from an expert, and they will have the best advice according to your gaming preferences.

Adjust graphic settings in-game

Another simple measure to ramp up your gaming experiences this season is by adjusting your graphic settings in-game. It has little to do with Mac improvements, making them less complicated and expensive. Try changing the screen resolution settings to minimize the speed lags. You can toggle the graphics too. It may take some hit and trial to find an optimal setting, but the effort is worthwhile.

Following these simple steps sets you up for the best gaming experiences with your Mac device. Pick them on time, and you never have to worry about speed, performance, and memory.

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