How to speed up your Samsung Galaxy S4 in the shortest time possible?

Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4’s technical specifications are impressive. With a quad core processor, 2 GB of RAM, a 5 inch screen (4.99 inches to be exact) supplemented by a full HD display, it is perhaps one of the most worthy addition to a smartphone addict’s arsenal. Nonetheless, do you remember the popular adage ‘all good things must come to an end’? The same thing applies to the Galaxy S4. Prolonged usage of the smartphone will end up deteriorating its performance. However, there are a few tricks present in the settings of the Galaxy S4 that you can use to your advantage to speed up your smartphone. Let us check them out.

Step by step tutorial

In order to apply the settings that we are about to debrief you with, you will have to enable the developer options tab on your Galaxy S4. If you have not already enabled the option, then follow the path below:

  1. Go to Settings > about, and start tapping the build number a couple of times until you have received a notification that the developer options tab has been unlocked.
  2. While navigating through the developer options, scroll down and you will be able to view the options: Window animation scale and Transition animation scale.
  3. Tap on the Window animation and Transition animation scale options and you will see an option labeled ‘Animation scale’. Choose the lowest value available in the options table (the lowest value so far is Animation scale 0.5x) and you will start observing a more snappier response from your Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4

If you want to make the experience of your Galaxy S4 even punchier, then read on.

Enabling the other option

The other option that you will be required to enable is called Force GPU rendering. The option is available in the same place (developer options). Enabling this option will make your Galaxy S4 much faster than before but it will come at a price of higher battery consumption. However, we all know how battery hungry the android operating system is, so it will not matter if the operating system’s appetite increases from before. However, it is completely up to you.

Galaxy S4

So let us know if this tutorial works out for you in the comments below.

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